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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-11-14Visual-inertial fusion for quadrotor Micro Air Vehicles with improved scale observabilityAbeywardena, D; Wang, Z; Kodagoda, S; Dissanayake, G
2011-01Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Exactly Sparse Information FiltersWang, Z; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G
2008-09-18Sparse local submap joining filter for building large-scale mapsHuang, S; Wang, Z; Dissanayake, G
2004-12-01Time optimal robot motion control in simultaneous localization and map building (SLAM) problemHuang, S; Wang, Z; Dissanayake, G
2012-02-01A position detection strategy for sensorless surface mounted permanent magnet motors at low speed using transient finite-element analysisWang, Z; Niu, S; Ho, SL; Fu, WN; Zhu, J
2019-01-01Enrichment of CD146(+) Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Combination with Articular Cartilage Extracellular Matrix Scaffold Promotes Cartilage RegenerationLi, X; Guo, W; Zha, K; Jing, X; Wang, M; Zhang, Y; Hao, C; Gao, S; Chen, M; Yuan, Z; Wang, Z; Zhang, X; Shen, S; Li, H; Zhang, B; Xian, H; Sui, X; Qin, L; Peng, J; Liu, S; Lu, S; Guo, Q
2013-01-01An integrated pruning criterion for ensemble learning based on classification accuracy and diversityFu, B; Wang, Z; Pan, R; Xu, G; Dolog, P
2012-12-01Exploiting vehicle motion information in monocular SLAMWang, Z; Dissanayake, G
2010-12-01Map-aided 6-DOF relative pose estimation for monocular SLAM using sparse information filtersWang, Z; Dissanayake, G
2017-01-01Exploring Representativeness and Informativeness for Active LearningDu, B; Wang, Z; Zhang, L; Liu, W; Shen, J; Tao, D
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