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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2003Design and control of brushless permanent magnet motors for constant power range with minimum inverter ratingWatterson, PA
20-Aug-2007Thermal and spontaneous remagnetization in ferromagnetic Nd3 (Fe,Ti)29 and Nd3 (Fe,Re)29Collocott, SJ; Dunlop, JB; Watterson, PA
Jan-2008Large Deformation Plate Bending with Application to Solar CollectorsWatterson, PA; Savvides, N; Lovatt, HC; Prasad, D; Co-Chairs, MG
21-Apr-2008Thermal and spontaneous remagnetization in the bulk amorphous ferromagnets Nd<inf>60</inf>Fe<inf>30</inf>Al<inf>10</inf> and Nd<inf>60</inf>Fe <inf>20</inf>Co<inf>10</inf>Al<inf>10</inf>Collocott, SJ; Dunlop, JB; Watterson, PA
1-Jun-2014The peak in anomalous magnetic viscosityCollocott, SJ; Watterson, PA; Tan, XH; Xu, H
1-Dec-2005High-torque brushless DC motor for a valve actuatorWatterson, PA; Collocott, SJ; Dunlop, JB; Gwan, PB; Hunter, GP; Kalan, BA; Lovatt, HC
Jan-2002Marine Electric Hybrid Power SystemsDane, R; Watterson, PA; Holliday, B; Evans, C; Ramsden, VS; Ramaswamy, V; Hunter, G; Prandolini, L
1-Dec-2010Design and implementation of a radial magnetic bearing with permanent magnet biasDu, ZS; Watterson, PA
1-Dec-2008A switched-reluctance motor/generator for mild hybrid vehiclesWatterson, PA; Wu, W; Kalan, BA; Lovatt, HC; Prout, G; Dunlop, JB; Collocott, SJ
1-Jan-2001High-performance electric machines for renewable energy generation and efficient drivesRamsden, VS; Watterson, PA; Hunter, GP; Zhu, JG; Holliday, WM; Lovatt, HC; Wu, W; Kalan, BA; Collocott, SC; Dunlop, JB; Gwan, PB; Mecrow, BC
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