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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06-08Unsupervised feature selection using swarm intelligence and consensus clustering for automatic fault detection and diagnosis in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systemsYuwono, M; Guo, Y; Wall, J; Li, J; West, S; Platt, G; Su, SW
2013-01-01Unsupervised segmentation of heel-strike IMU data using rapid cluster estimation of wavelet featuresYuwono, M; Su, SW; Moulton, BD; Nguyen, HT
2014-01-01Data clustering using variants of rapid centroid estimationYuwono, M; Su, SW; Moulton, BD; Nguyen, HT
2012-12-14Centroid extraction from Hartmann-Shack images using swarm clustering approachYuwono, M; Sepulveda, J; Ardi Handojoseno, AM
2014-09-16An algorithm for scalable clustering: Ensemble Rapid Centroid EstimationYuwono, M; Su, S; Moulton, BD; Guo, Y; Nguyen, HT
2011-12-26Optimization of head movement recognition using augmented radial basis function neural networkYuwono, M; Handojoseno, AMA; Nguyen, HT
2011-12-01Fall detection using a Gaussian distribution of clustered knowledge, augmented radial basis neural-network, and multilayer perceptronYuwono, M; Su, SW; Moulton, B
2015-11-04Recognizing emotions from EEG subbands using wavelet analysisCandra, H; Yuwono, M; Handojoseno, A; Chai, R; Su, S; Nguyen, HT
2014-01-01Unsupervised nonparametric method for gait analysis using a waist-worn inertial sensorYuwono, M; Su, SW; Guo, Y; Moulton, BD; Nguyen, HT
2012-01Gait episode identification based on wavelet feature clustering of spectrogram imagesYuwono, M; Su, SW; Moulton, BD; Nguyen, HT; Khoo, MCK
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