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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2020Blockchain-based Solution for Managing Renewable-based MicrogridsYang, M; Xu, X; Chen, S; Zhu, L
2019An impact attenuation surfacing test to analyse the dynamic behaviour of greyhound racetrack sand surfaceHayati, H; Eager, D; Walker, P
1-Jan-2014Investigating the lack of social context in car television advertisingRedshaw, S
1-Jan-2019Robust Kernelized Bayesian Matrix Factorization for Video Background/Foreground SeparationXie, HB; Li, C; Xu, RYD; Mengersen, K
1-Jan-2013Classification of wheelchair commands using brain computer interface: Comparison between able-bodied persons and patients with tetraplegiaChai, R; Ling, SH; Hunter, GP; Tran, Y; Nguyen, HT
11-Sep-2017Interaction+: Interaction enhancement for web-based visualizationsLu, M; Liang, J; Zhang, Y; Li, G; Chen, S; Li, Z; Yuan, X
1-Jan-2013A situation retrieval model for cognitive decision support in digital business ecosystemsLu, J; Niu, L; Zhang, G
26-Sep-2016Self-adjusting feature maps network and its applicationsLi, DL; Prasad, M; Lin, CT; Chang, JY
1-Jan-2014'Explain in plain English' questions revisited: Data structures problemsCorney, M; Lister, R; Fitzgerald, S; McCauley, R; Hanks, B; Murphy, L
4-Jul-2015Educational data mining and learning analytics in programming: Literature review and case studiesIhantola, P; Vihavainen, A; Ahadi, A; Butler, M; Börstler, J; Edwards, SH; Isohanni, E; Korhonen, A; Petersen, A; Rivers, K; Rubio, MÁ; Sheard, J; Skupas, B; Spacco, J; Szabo, C; Toll, D
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