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2019-12-01Author Correction: Collaborative networks in gene editing (Nature Biotechnology, (2019), 37, 10, (1107-1109), 10.1038/s41587-019-0275-z)Huang, Y; Porter, A; Zhang, Y; Barrangou, R
2018-06-01Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Robotic Surface Treatment Using Force FeedbackGracia, L; Solanes, JE; Muñoz-Benavent, P; Valls Miro, J; Perez-Vidal, C; Tornero, J
2018-05-01Texas LPG fire: Domino effects triggered by natural hazardsNaderpour, M; Khakzad, N
2018-11-15A methodology for project portfolio selection under criteria prioritisation, uncertainty and projects interdependency – combination of fuzzy QFD and DEAJafarzadeh, H; Akbari, P; Abedin, B
2018-07-19RF-MVO: Simultaneous 3D object localization and camera trajectory recovery using RFID Devices and a 2D monocular cameraWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Wang, R; Huang, H
2018-06-26Comparison of EKF based SLAM and optimization based SLAM algorithmsZhang, Y; Zhang, T; Huang, S
-A self-adaptive deep learning method for automated eye laterality detection based on color fundus photographyLiu C; Han X; Li Z; Ha J; Peng G; Meng W; He M
2019-12-26Social media-predicted personality traits and values can help match people to their ideal jobsKern, ML; McCarthy, PX; Chakrabarty, D; Rizoiu, MA
2019Reducing Transfer Function Measurement in Local Sound Field Reproduction using Acoustic ModellingZhu Q; Qiu X; Coleman P; Burnett I
2019Statistical Characteristics of gas metal arc welding (GMAW) soundZhao S; Qiu X; Burnett I; Rigby M; Lele A
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