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2016-11-07Response to “Comment on ‘Catastrophic degradation of the interface of epitaxial silicon carbide on silicon at high temperatures’” [Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 196101 (2016)]Pradeepkumar, A; Mishra, N; Kermany, AR; Boeckl, JJ; Hellerstedt, J; Fuhrer, MS; Iacopi, F
2017-06-01An entropy-based indicator system for measuring the potential of patents in technological innovation: rejecting moderationZhang, Y; Qian, Y; Huang, Y; Guo, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2015-01-01A new feature parametrization for monocular SLAM using line featuresZhao, L; Huang, S; Yan, L; Dissanayake, G
2017-10-20A study on detecting drones using deep convolutional neural networksSaqib, M; Daud Khan, S; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2019-07-03Adaptive fuzzy observer based hierarchical sliding mode control for uncertain 2D overhead cranesLe, HX; Le, AV; Nguyen, L
2018-11-26Measuring monopole and dipole polarizability of acoustic meta-atomsJordaan, J; Punzet, S; Melnikov, A; Sanches, A; Oberst, S; Marburg, S; Powell, DA
2015-01-01Call for submissions: Journal of organizational computing and electronic commerce: Special issue on “Social computing and service innovation”Abedin, B; Qahri-Saremi, H
2016-07-01Dynamic computation of flexible multibody system with uncertain material propertiesWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Zhang, Y
2017-08-23Estimation of SSVEP-based EEG complexity using inherent fuzzy entropyCao, Z; Prasad, M; Lin, CT
2019-01-01Truncated Cauchy Non-Negative Matrix FactorizationGuan, N; Liu, T; Zhang, Y; Tao, D; Davis, LS
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