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2004-12-01A heuristic rule-based switching and adaptive PID controller for a large autonomous tracked vehicle: From development to implementationGong, Z; Guzman, JI; Scheding, SJ; Rye, DC; Dissanayake, G; Durrant-Whyte, H
2004-12-01Microwave imaging of three-dimensional dielectric objects using micro-genetic algorithmHuang, T; Mohan, AS
2004-01Experimental Investigation of Flow-Induced Vibration In a Parallel Plate Reactor Fuel-AssemblyHo, MK; Hong, G; Mack, AN; Behnia, M; Lin, W; McBain, GD
2004-01-01Customers confidence in e-business: An evaluation of Australian practices - A case studyChandran, D; Chen, J
2004-06-01The HIPASS catalogue - II. Completeness, reliability and parameter accuracyZwaan, MA; Meyer, MJ; Webster, RL; Staveley-Smith, L; Drinkwater, MJ; Barnes, DG; Bhathal, R; De Blok, WJG; Disney, MJ; Ekers, RD; Freeman, KC; Garcia, DA; Gibson, BK; Harnett, J; Henning, PA; Howlett, M; Jerjen, H; Kesteven, MJ; Kilborn, VA; Knezek, PM; Koribalski, BS; Mader, S; Marquarding, M; Minchin, RF; O'Brien, J; Oosterloo, T; Pierce, MJ; Price, RM; Putman, ME; Ryan-Weber, E; Ryder, SD; Sadler, EM; Stevens, J; Stewart, IM; Stootman, F; Waugh, M; Wright, AE
2004-01Impact of the Service Model for delivering enterprise applications over the internetFeuerlicht, G; Vorisek, J
2004-01Syntactic System of lattice-valued Propositional logic based on finite lattice implication algebraMa, J; Gao, Y; Qin, K; Xu, Y
2004-09-29Effect of dielectric material tolerances on the performance of singly-fed circularly polarised stacked patch antennasChung, KL; Mohan, AS
2004-10-19Orthogonal complement component analysis for positive samples in SVM based relevance feedback image retrievalTao, D; Tang, X
2004-12-01An empirical study of web interface design on small display devicesQiu, MK; Zhang, K; Huang, M
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