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1-Jan-2017Enhanced forensic speaker verification using multi-run ICA in the presence of environmental noise and reverberation conditionsAl-Ali, AKH; Senadji, B; Naik, GR
23-Aug-2017Dimensionality reduction by soft-margin support vector machineDong, R; Meng, H; Long, Z; Zhao, H
6-Jul-2017Design of an ultra-wideband and highly-directive photoconductive THz Vivaldi antennaDhiflaoui, A; Rmili, H; Boularess, O; Yahyaoui, A; Aguili, T; Mittra, R
15-May-2017Hybrid formulation for the electromagnetic analysis of metallic objects placed in natural environmentsRoussel, LHH; Casaletti, M; Dahon, C; Mittra, R
15-May-2017Some challenging issues in characteristic mode analysis of real world problems and suggested solutionsMittra, R
3-Jul-2017Analysis of scattering from multi-scale and multiple targets using characteristic basis function (CBFM) and integral equation discontinuous Galerkin (IEDG) methodsSu, Y; Mittra, R; Sheng, W
15-May-2017Statistical analysis of electromagnetic structures and antennas using the polynomial chaos expansion methodAcikgoz, H; Mittra, R
1-Jul-2017Sensor Anomaly Detection and Recovery in the Roll Dynamics of a Delta-Wing Aircraft via Monte Carlo and Maximum Likelihood Methods<sup>*</sup>Deghat, M; Lampiri, E
18-Oct-2017Study of antenna systems located on complex platforms by using characteristic mode analysis and related techniquesMittra, R; Kumar, A
18-Oct-2017Design of low-cost phase-shifters for circularly polarized antenna elements using partially transmitting surfacesMittra, R; Kumar, A
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