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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Motion Planning for Reconfigurable Mobile Robots Using Hierarchical Fast Marching TreesReid, W; Fitch, R; Göktoǧgan, AH; Sukkarieh, S
2016-01-11Polarization mode coupling and related effects in fiber Bragg grating inscribed in polarization maintaining fiberZhao, Y; Sun, B; Liu, Y; Ren, J; Zhang, J; Yang, J; Canning, J; Peng, GD; Yuan, L
2016-11-28Flipped classroom -Students as producersVoid, T; Braun, R; Lundesgaard, D
2016-12-01Magnetic Field and Force Calculation in Linear Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines Accounting for Longitudinal End EffectHu, H; Zhao, J; Liu, X; Guo, Y
2016-10-13Predicting brain stimulation treatment outcomes of depressed patients through the classification of EEG oscillationsAl-Kaysi, AM; Al-Ani, A; Loo, CK; Breakspear, M; Boonstra, TW
2015-01-01Dense Correspondence Using Non-Local DAISY ForestHuang, X; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Yuan, C; Fan, L
2016-01-01Automated Policy Combination for Secure Data Sharing in Cross-Organizational CollaborationsDuan, L; Zhang, Y; Chen, S; Zhao, S; Wang, S; Liu, D; Liu, RP; Cheng, B; Chen, J
2016-10-01Robust Localization Using Time Difference of ArrivalsShi, X; Anderson, BDO; Mao, G; Yang, Z; Chen, J; Lin, Z
2020-06-15Synchronization of discrete-time recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays via quantized sliding mode controlSun, B; Cao, Y; Guo, Z; Yan, Z; Wen, S
2020-10-01Privacy on the Edge: Customizable Privacy-Preserving Context Sharing in Hierarchical Edge ComputingGu, B; Gao, L; Wang, X; Qu, Y; Jin, J; Yu, S
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