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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Deep spatial–temporal structure learning for rumor detection on TwitterHuang, Q; Zhou, C; Wu, J; Liu, L; Wang, B
2020-01-01Long-Term Video Prediction via Criticization and RetrospectionChen, X; Xu, C; Yang, X; Tao, D
2020-07-02Hierarchical and parameterized learning of pick-and-place manipulation from under-specified human demonstrationsQian, K; Liu, H; Valls Miro, J; Jing, X; Zhou, B
2020-09-01Designing pulse-coupled neural networks with spike-synchronization-dependent plasticity rule: image segmentation and memristor circuit applicationXie, X; Wen, S; Yan, Z; Huang, T; Chen, Y
2022Adaptive Boosting for Domain Adaptation: Toward Robust Predictions in Scene Segmentation.Zheng, Z; Yang, Y
2022Boosting RGB-D Saliency Detection by Leveraging Unlabeled RGB Images.Wang, X; Zhu, L; Tang, S; Fu, H; Li, P; Wu, F; Yang, Y; Zhuang, Y
2022-02-04A review on COVID-19 forecasting modelsRahimi, I; Chen, F; Gandomi, AH
2022-07-01Combined angular margin and cosine margin softmax loss for music classification based on spectrogramsLi, J; Han, L; Wang, Y; Yuan, B; Yuan, X; Yang, Y; Yan, H
2022-01-01Machine learning and smart card based two-factor authentication scheme for preserving anonymity in telecare medical information system (TMIS)Gupta, BB; Prajapati, V; Nedjah, N; Vijayakumar, P; El-Latif, AAA; Chang, X
2020-07-30Semantics-Preserving Graph Propagation for Zero-Shot Object Detection.Yan, C; Zheng, Q; Chang, X; Luo, M; Yeh, C-H; Hauptmann, AG
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