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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-01MbSRS: A multi-behavior streaming recommender systemZhao, Y; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Liu, H
2023-01-01Modality Coupling for Privacy Image ClassificationLiu, Y; Huang, Y; Wang, S; Lu, W; Wu, H
2023-11-14Cluster-aware attentive convolutional recurrent network for multivariate time-series forecastingBai, S; Zhang, Q; He, H; Hu, L; Wang, S; Niu, Z
2023-07-01Application of Machine Learning to Performance Assessment for a Class of PID-Based Control SystemsGrelewicz, P; Khuat, TT; Czeczot, J; Nowak, P; Klopot, T; Gabrys, B
2023-09-01Computational Modeling for Intelligent Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Design and Experimental Schemes for Real-Time Plasmonic Biosensing: A ReviewDas, CM; Yang, F; Yang, Z; Liu, X; Hoang, QT; Xu, Z; Neermunda, S; Kong, KV; Ho, HP; Ju, LA; Xiong, J; Yong, KT
2023-01-01Short-Packet URLLCs for MIMO Underlay Cognitive Multihop Relaying with Imperfect CSITu, NH; Hoang, TD; Lee, K
2023-06-01Battery Energy Storage Capacity Estimation for Microgrids Using Digital Twin ConceptPadmawansa, N; Gunawardane, K; Madanian, S; Than Oo, AM
2023-09Enhanced Sensing Performance of Au-decorated Cellulose Nanofiber-SnO<sub>2</sub> for NO<sub>2</sub> Detection Under UV LightZhou, X; Ying, Z; He, X; Zhang, C; Zheng, X; Zheng, P
2023-01-01Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Trust: From Principles to PracticeChen, F; Zhou, J; Holzinger, A; Fleischmann, KR; Stumpf, S
2023-08-15A novel parametric model for nonlinear hysteretic behaviours with strain-stiffening of magnetorheological gel compositeZhang, G; Chen, J; Zhang, Z; Sun, M; Yu, Y; Wang, J; Cai, S
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