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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-01Hybrid generative–discriminative hash tracking with spatio-temporal contextual cuesDai, M; Cheng, S; He, X
2015-01-01An EEG-based perceptual function integration network for application to drowsy drivingChuang, CH; Huang, CS; Ko, LW; Lin, CT
2015-01-01Variable weight neural networks and their applications on material surface and epilepsy seizure phase classificationsLam, HK; Ekong, U; Xiao, B; Ouyang, G; Liu, H; Chan, KY; Ho Ling, S
2019-06-01Multidimensional Balance-Based Cluster Boundary Detection for High-Dimensional DataCao, X; Qiu, B; Li, X; Shi, Z; Xu, G; Xu, J
2019-01-01Intuitionistic fuzzy evaluations for the analysis of a student’s knowledge in university e-learning coursesSotirova E; Shannon A; Kim T; Krawczak M; Melo-Pinto P; Riečan B
2018-11-15A methodology for project portfolio selection under criteria prioritisation, uncertainty and projects interdependency – combination of fuzzy QFD and DEAJafarzadeh, H; Akbari, P; Abedin, B
2019-09-10Sequence-based prediction of protein-protein interaction sites by simplified long short-term memory networkLi J; Quan L; Chen Y; Lü Q
2019-01-01Multi-scale masked 3-D U-Net for brain tumor segmentationXu Y; Gong M; Fu H; Tao D; Zhang K; Batmanghelich K
2019-12-01Toward efficient indexing structure for scalable content-based music retrievalShen J; Tao M; Qu Q; Tao D; Rui Y
2019-01-01Learning contextual and attentive information for brain tumor segmentationZhou C; Chen S; Ding C; Tao D
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