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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Strategies for solar and wind integration by leveraging flexibility from electric vehicles: The Barbados case studyTaibi, E; Fern√°ndez del Valle, C; Howells, M
1-Jul-2005Intercircuit faults and distance relaying of dual-circuit linesSpoor, DJ; Zhu, J
1-Dec-2012Modelling and control of hybrid UPS system with backup PEM fuel cell/batteryZhan, Y; Wang, H; Zhu, J
1-Jan-2019A magnetically coupled multi-port, multi-operation-mode micro-grid with a predictive dynamic programming-based energy management for residential applicationsJafari, M; Malekjamshidi, Z; Zhu, J
Jul-2018A multi-objective framework for multi-area economic emission dispatchNarimani, H; Razavi, S-E; Azizivahed, A; Naderi, E; Fathi, M; Ataei, MH; Narimani, MR
Oct-2016Explaining relationships between coke quality index and coal properties by Random Forest methodChehreh Chelgani, S; Matin, SS; Hower, JC
Aug-2016Estimation of coal gross calorific value based on various analyses by random forest methodMatin, SS; Chelgani, SC
1-Nov-2009A multiobjective approach for solving cooperative n-person gamesMaali, Y
1-Jan-2016Geometric maximum power point tracking and sliding mode control of a bidirectional grid connected single phase two-stage photovoltaic system with DC loadsShen, L; Lu, DDC; Wang, Y
1-Jan-2017Impact of infrastructural policies to reduce travel time expenditure of car users with significant reductions in energy consumptionShekarchian, M; Moghavvemi, M; Zarifi, F; Moghavvemi, S; Motasemi, F; Mahlia, TMI
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