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2009-09-08Nonlocal Entanglement Transformations Achievable by Separable OperationsChitambar, E; Duan, R
2017-08-24Multiphoton Interference in Quantum Fourier Transform Circuits and Applications to Quantum MetrologySu, ZE; Li, Y; Rohde, PP; Huang, HL; Wang, XL; Li, L; Liu, NL; Dowling, JP; Lu, CY; Pan, JW
2019-03-22Avoiding Irreversibility: Engineering Resonant Conversions of Quantum ResourcesKorzekwa, K; Chubb, CT; Tomamichel, M
2015-02-27Boson sampling with displaced single-photon Fock states versus single-photon-added coherent states: The quantum-classical divide and computational-complexity transitions in linear opticsSeshadreesan, KP; Olson, JP; Motes, KR; Rohde, PP; Dowling, JP
2015-07-13Practical Relativistic Bit CommitmentLunghi, T; Kaniewski, J; Bussières, F; Houlmann, R; Tomamichel, M; Wehner, S; Zbinden, H
2008-07-10Entanglement between two uses of a noisy multipartite quantum channel enables perfect transmission of classical informationDuan, R; Shi, Y
2016-07-21Experimental Demonstration of Self-Guided Quantum TomographyChapman, RJ; Ferrie, C; Peruzzo, A
2016-03-04Minimax Quantum Tomography: Estimators and Relative Entropy BoundsFerrie, C; Blume-Kohout, R
2011-03-14Quantum codes give counterexamples to the unique preimage conjecture of the N-representability problemOcko, SA; Chen, X; Zeng, B; Yoshida, B; Ji, Z; Ruskai, MB; Chuang, IL
2015-07-13Compatibility of state assignments and pooling of informationBrun, TA; Hsieh, MH; Perry, C
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