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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-28Numerically Enhanced Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy with Adaptive Optics for Deep-Tissue Super-Resolved ImagingZdańkowski, P; Trusiak, M; McGloin, D; Swedlow, JR
2018-05-16In Situ Exsolution of Bimetallic Rh-Ni Nanoalloys: A Highly Efficient Catalyst for CO<inf>2</inf> MethanationArandiyan, H; Wang, Y; Scott, J; Mesgari, S; Dai, H; Amal, R
2012-09-01A new liquid crystal lens with axis-tunability via three sector electrodesTu, TY; Chao, PCP; Lin, CT
2010-08-17Crystal plasticity finite element modelling of the influence of friction on surface roughening during uniaxial planar compressionLi, HJ; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Han, JT; Tieu, AK
2011-06-01Robust control design for precision positioning of a generic piezoelectric system with consideration of microscopic hysteresis effectsChao, PCP; Liao, PY; Tsai, MY; Lin, CT
2017-07-01Coupled twist–bending static and dynamic behavior of a curved single-walled carbon nanotube based on nonlocal theoryHayati, H; Hosseini, SA; Rahmani, O
2016-07-01Case Retrieval Based on Formal Concept AnalysisShi, C; Yu, B; Niu, Z; Qi, Z
2014-01-07Thin strip profile control capability of roll crossing and shifting in cold rolling millAljabri, A; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Wang, XD; Tibar, H
2012-03-13New gasochromic system: Nanoparticles in liquidRanjbar, M; Kalhori, H; Mahdavi, SM; Zad, AI
2006-11-20Effectiveness of micro synthetic jet actuator enhanced by flow instability in controlling laminar separation caused by adverse pressure gradientHong, G
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