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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Understanding Cognition by Building RobotsBalkenius, C; Johnsson, M; Johansson, B; Gardenfors, P; Wallin, A
1-Jan-2014Towards Exploiting the Advantages of Colour in Scan MatchingMartín, F; Valls Miró, J; Moreno, L; Armada, MA; Sanfeliu, A; Ferre, M
Jan-2007An experimental study of anticipation in simple robot navigationJohansson, B; Balkenius, C; Butz, MV; Sigaud, O; Pezzulo, G; Baldassarre, G
1-Jan-2015Ventilation flow through a room fitted with a windcatcher using a LES CFD techniqueNiktash, AR; Huynh, BP; Yang, G-C; Ao, S-I; Gelman, L
Jan-2008Endowing Artificial Systems with Anticipatory Capabilities: Success CasesPezzulo, G; Butz, V; Castelfranchi, C; Falcone, R; Baldassarre, G; Balkenius, C; Forster, A; Grinberg, M; Herbort, O; Kriyazov, K; Kokinov, B; Johansson, B; Lalev, E; Lorini, E; Martino, C; Miceli, M; Ognibene, D; Paiva, A; Petkov, G; Piunti, M; Thorsteinsdottir, V; Pezzulo, G; Butz, MV; Castelfranchi, C; Falcone, R
Jan-2008Anticipation in AttentionBalkenius, C; Forster, A; Johansson, B; Thorsteinsdottir, V; Pezzulo, G; Butz, MV; Castelfranchi, C; Falcone, R
1-Jan-2012ICA as Pattern Recognition Technique for Gesture Identification: A Study Using Bio-SignalNaik, GR; Kumar, D; Arjunan, S
Jan-2012Facial Muscle Activity Patterns for Recognition of Utterances in Native and Foreign Language: Testing for its Reliability and FlexibilityArjunan, SP; Kumar, DK; Weghorn, H; Naik, G; Mago, VK; Bhatia, N
1-Dec-2012Semi blind source separation for application in machine learningNaik, G; Kumar, D
4-Oct-2018Playing with Rhythm and TechnologyCostello, B
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