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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08-01Capacity Analysis of UAV Communications: Cases of Random TrajectoriesYuan, X; Feng, Z; Xu, W; Ni, W; Zhang, JA; Wei, Z; Liu, RP
2016-03-01Near-ML Low-Complexity Detection for Generalized Spatial ModulationWang, C; Cheng, P; Chen, Z; Zhang, JA; Xiao, Y; Gui, L
2020-12-01High velocity seawater air-conditioning with thermal energy storage and its operation with intermittent renewable energiesHunt, JD; Zakeri, B; Nascimento, A; Garnier, B; Pereira, MG; Bellezoni, RA; de Assis Brasil Weber, N; Schneider, PS; Machado, PPB; Ramos, DS
2016-05-26N-dimensional Markov random field prior for cold-start recommendationPeng, F; Lu, J; Wang, Y; Xu, RYD; Ma, C; Yang, J
2015-11-01Frequency-Agile, Efficient, Circularly Polarized, Near-Field Resonant Antenna: Designs and MeasurementsTang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW
2020-05-01Guest Editorial for the 29th International Conference on Genome Informatics (GIW 2018)Zheng, J; Li, J; Zheng, Y
2020-12-01Global Stabilization of Memristive Neural Networks with Leakage and Time-Varying Delays Via Quantized Sliding-Mode ControllerCao, Y; Sun, B; Guo, Z; Huang, T; Yan, Z; Wen, S
2016-05-01Sensorless active disturbance rejection model predictive torque control using extended state observer for permanent magnet synchronous motors fed by three-phase four-switch inverterTeng, QF; Li, GF; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG
2014-01-01Improved opportunistic feedback with multiuser diversity for wireless systems with finite queueLi, H; Guo, Q; Huang, DD
2016-04-15Virtual generation tribe based robust collaborative consensus algorithm for dynamic generation command dispatch optimization of smart gridZhang, X; Yu, T; Yang, B; Li, L
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