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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-01Adaptive Exploration for Unsupervised Person Re-identificationDing Y; Fan H; Xu M; Yang Y
2020-05-01An Application Development Framework for Internet-of-Things Service OrchestrationRafique W; Zhao X; Yu S; Yaqoob I; Imran M; Dou W
2020-07-01Alleviating Heterogeneity in SDN-IoT Networks to Maintain QoS and Enhance SecuritySood K; Karmakar KK; Yu S; Varadharajan V; Pokhrel SR; Xiang Y
2020Adversarial Examples for Hamming Space SearchYang E; Liu T; Deng C; Tao D
2020-07-31Comparative analysis of DC to AC conversion cells for application in PV-linked grid-connected modular multi-level cascaded convertersMalekjamshidi Z; Jafari M
2020-11-01An electricity triangle for energy transition: Application to ItalyBompard E; Botterud A; Corgnati S; Huang T; Jafari M; Leone P; Mauro S; Montesano G; Papa C; Profumo F
2020AMRNN: attended multi-task recurrent neural networks for dynamic illness severity predictionChen W; Long G; Yao L; Sheng QZ
2020-09-30Advances in deep neural information processingZhao D; Duan S; Yan Z; Alippi C
2020Optimal Design of a Multi-Winding High-Frequency Transformer Using Reluctance Network Modeling (RNM) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Techniques for the Application of PV-Linked Grid-Connected Modular Multi-Level InvertersJafari M; Malekjamshidi Z; Islam MR
2020-11A hybrid renewable energy system integrating photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, and battery energies for supplying a grid-connected residential loadJafari M; Malekjamshidi Z
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