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2020Optimal Design of a Multi-Winding High-Frequency Transformer Using Reluctance Network Modeling (RNM) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Techniques for the Application of PV-Linked Grid-Connected Modular Multi-Level InvertersJafari M; Malekjamshidi Z; Islam MR
2020-11A hybrid renewable energy system integrating photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, and battery energies for supplying a grid-connected residential loadJafari M; Malekjamshidi Z
2020-07-08An intelligent recognition model for dynamic air traffic decision-makingDu X; Lu Z; Wu D
2018-12-27A Sliding Mode Control Architecture for Human-Manipulator Cooperative Surface Treatment TasksGracia, L; Solanes, JE; Munoz-Benavent, P; Miro, JV; Perez-Vidal, C; Tornero, J
2020-01-01Answer Keyword Generation for Community Question Answering by Multi-aspect Gamma-Poisson Matrix CompletionLiu Q; Do TDT; Cao L
2018-01-01Efficient Sensor Deployments for Spatio-Temporal Environmental MonitoringNguyen, LV; Hu, G; Spanos, CJ
2020-07-01APIS: Privacy-Preserving Incentive for Sensing Task Allocation in Cloud and Edge-Cooperation Mobile Internet of Things with SDNXu Q; Su Z; Dai M; Yu S
2018-10-10FraudNE: A Joint Embedding Approach for Fraud DetectionZheng, M; Zhou, C; Wu, J; Pan, S; Shi, J; Guo, AL
2020-01-01Attacks and defences on intelligent connected vehicles: a surveyDibaei M; Zheng X; Jiang K; Abbas R; Liu S; Zhang Y; Xiang Y; Yu S
2018-10-31Balson: Bayesian least squares optimization with nonnegative L1-Norm constraintXie, J; Ma, Z; Zhang, G; Xue, JH; Chien, JT; Lin, Z; Guo, J
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