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2015-01-01A survey of applying machine learning techniques for credit rating: Existing models and open issuesWang, X; Xu, M; Pusatli, ÖT
2016-01-01The development of an indexing method for the comparison of unbalanced magnetic pull in electrical machinesDorrell, DG; Shek, JKH; Hsieh, MF
2016-02-01Body Composition in Individuals with Asymptomatic Osteoarthritis of the KneeHo-Pham, LT; Lai, TQ; Mai, LD; Doan, MC; Nguyen, TV
2016-07-18A low collision and high throughput data collection mechanism for large-scale super dense wireless sensor networksLei, C; Bie, H; Fang, G; Gaura, E; Brusey, J; Zhang, X; Dutkiewicz, E
2017-12-01Cyclostationary analysis of analog least mean square loop for self-interference cancellation in in-band full-duplex systemsLe, AT; Tran, LC; Huang, X
2016-04-01Quality optimized medical image information hiding algorithm that employs edge detection and data codingAl-Dmour, H; Al-Ani, A
2016-04-15Two-dimensional elemental operator for modeling the vectorial hysteresis of soft magnetic composite materialXu, WJ; Duan, NN; Wang, SH; Guo, YG; Zhu, JG
2015-01-01Monte Carlo Methods for Controller Approximation and Stabilization in Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal ControlBertoli, F; Bishop, AN
2017-07-19Multiloop Integral Controllability Analysis for Nonlinear Multiple-Input Single-Output ProcessesZhang, Y; Su, S; Savkin, A; Celler, B; Nguyen, H
2016-10-13Adaptive myoelectric pattern recognition for arm movement in different positions using advanced online sequential extreme learning machineAnam, K; Al-Jumaily, A
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