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1-Jan-2019‘I felt like I could do anything!’ Writing the phenomenon of ‘transcendent birth’ through autoethnographyKurz, E; Davis, D; Browne, J
1-Jul-2018What women value in the midwifery continuity of care model: A systematic review with meta-synthesisPerriman, N; Davis, DL; Ferguson, S
1-Dec-2019‘I'm having a baby not a labour’: Sense of coherence and women's attitudes towards labour and birthFerguson, S; Davis, D
1-Jun-2018Long-Term Weight Gain and Risk of Overweight in Parous and Nulliparous WomenDavis, D; Brown, WJ; Foureur, M; Nohr, EA; Xu, F
1-Apr-2018Women's motivation, perception and experience of complementary and alternative medicine in pregnancy: A meta-synthesisBowman, RL; Davis, DL; Ferguson, S; Taylor, J
1-Apr-2019A review of midwifery in mainland China: Contemporary developments within historical, economic and sociopolitical contextsGao, LL; Lu, H; Leap, N; Homer, C
1-Jan-2019Midwifery is a vital solution—What is holding back global progress?Renfrew, MJ; Ateva, E; Dennis-Antwi, JA; Davis, D; Dixon, L; Johnson, P; Kennedy, HP; Knutsson, A; Lincetto, O; McConville, F; McFadden, A; Taniguchi, H; ten Hoope Bender, P; Zeck, W
1-Oct-2017What are the factors that improve how midwives interact with women in the antenatal appointment?Teate, A; Dahlen, HG; Leap, N; Schmied, V
1-May-2016Posttraumatic stress symptoms in intensive care patients: An exploration of associated factorsElliott, R; McKinley, S; Fien, M; Elliott, D
1-Aug-2018Effectiveness of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis for early-onset group B Streptococcal infection: An integrative reviewBraye, K; Ferguson, J; Davis, D; Catling, C; Monk, A; Foureur, M
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