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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Formal and informal processes in an Australian cancer support group: An exploratory case studyChatwin, J; Adams, J; Tovey, P
2018-01-01How does a practice-based research network facilitate evidence-informed practice within the chiropractic profession in Australia? A commentaryAmorin-Woods, LG; Moore, C; Adams, J
2013-01-01Qualitative research on dementia in ethnically diverse communities: Fieldwork challenges and opportunitiesShanley, C; Leone, D; Santalucia, Y; Adams, J; Ferrerosa-Rojas, JE; Kourouche, F; Gava, S; Wu, Y
2014-01-01Relative bodies of knowledge: Therapeutic dualism and maternal-foetal individuationMeurk, C; Broom, A; Adams, J
2006-08-01The causes of acne: a qualitative study of patient perceptions of acne causation and their implications for acne care.Magin, P; Adams, J; Heading, G; Pond, D; Smith, W
2009-11-11Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Production, Consumption, ResearchAndrews, GJ; Adams, J; Segrott, J
2015-01-01Spinal pain: Current understanding, trends, and the future of careParkin-Smith, GF; Amorin-Woods, LG; Davies, SJ; Elosco, B; Adams, J
2017-03-01A cross-sectional analysis of traditional medicine use for malaria alongside free antimalarial drugs treatment amongst adults in high-risk malaria endemic provinces of IndonesiaSuswardany, DL; Sibbritt, DW; Supardi, S; Pardosi, JF; Chang, S; Adams, J
2009-06-01Still living in a war zone: Perceived health and wellbeing of partners of Vietnam veterans attending partners' support groups in New South Wales, AustraliaOutram, S; Hansen, V; Macdonell, G; Cockburn, JD; Adams, J
2016-01-01A systematic review of women's and health professional's attitudes and experience of preconception care service deliverySteel, A; Lucke, J; Reid, R; Adams, J
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