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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-01Exploring Australian parents’ knowledge and awareness of pediatric inpatient falls: A qualitative studyShala, DR; Brogan, F; Cruickshank, M; Kornman, K; Sheppard-Law, S
2018-11-01Effects of the Australian National Hand Hygiene Initiative after 8 years on infection control practices, health-care worker education, and clinical outcomes: a longitudinal studyGrayson, ML; Stewardson, AJ; Russo, PL; Ryan, KE; Olsen, KL; Havers, SM; Greig, S; Cruickshank, M
2017-04-01More Doctor-Patient Contact Is Not the only Explanation for Lower Hand-Hygiene Compliance in Australian Emergency DepartmentsStewardson, AJ; Stuart, RL; Marshall, C; Cruickshank, M; Lindsay Grayson, M
2020-01-01Exploring children & young people's knowledge about inpatient falls to inform child-centred strategies.Sheppard-Law, S; Brogan, F; Cruickshank, M; Kornman, K
2019-10-01Restrictive practices in child and adolescent mental health care: A cause for concernSealey, L; Sheppard-Law, S; Cruickshank, M; Stein-Parbury, J
2018-01-01Exploring parents' knowledge of paediatric inpatient falls to inform nursing practiceSheppard-Law, SJ; Brogan, F; Ritz-Shala, D; Kornman, K; Cruickshank, M
2017-09-01Outbreak of health care-associated Burkholderia cenocepacia bacteremia and infection attributed to contaminated sterile gel used for central line insertion under ultrasound guidance and other proceduresShaban, RZ; Maloney, S; Gerrard, J; Collignon, P; Macbeth, D; Cruickshank, M; Hume, A; Jennison, AV; Graham, RMA; Bergh, H; Wilson, HL; Derrington, P
2021-02-25Restrictive Practices in Child and Adolescent Menatl Health Units 2015-18Cruickshank, M; Sealey, L; Shepphard-Law, S; Roche, M; Stein-Parberry, J
2020-02-01Home-based care for people with disabilities: Role of registered nurses within the District health system in ThailandWanaratwichit, C; Hills, D; Cruickshank, M
2021-01-01Redefining restrictive practices: evidence for policy change in child and adolescent mental health careSealey, L; Roche, M; Stein-Parbury, J; Cruickshank, M
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