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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10-24Evidence to inform education, training and supportive work environments for midwives involved in the care of women with female genital mutilationDawson, A; Turkmani, S
2012-08-29A Profile of Task Shifting / Sharing in Maternal and Reproductive Health in SamoaDawson, A; Karen, P
2015-02-11The Contribution of Focus Group Discussions to Aboriginal Australian Health Service Research: a Content Analysis of Practice and ExperienceDawson, A; Daniels, J; Clapham, K
2011-01Human resources for health in maternal, neonatal and reproductive health at community level: A profile of PhilippinesDawson, A; Howes, T; Grey, N; Kennedy, E
2010-02-02Human Resources for health in maternal, neonatal and reproductive health at community level: A synthesis of literature with a focus on the Asia and Pacific RegionsDawson, A
2020-01-01The impact of health education on attitudes of parents and religious leaders towards female genital mutilationAbdulah, DM; Dawson, A; Sedo, BA
2014-01-31Access to emergency contraceptive pills in low- and middle-income countries: A narrative synthesis of current evidence for the Technical Resource Team for Emergency Contraceptive Pill of United Nations Commission on Life-Saving CommoditiesDawson, A
2012-01Are consultants in Colombo, Sri Lanka satisfied with their job?Cooray, S; Dawson, A; Wijewardena, K
2017-09-15Continuing professional education on Female Genital Mutilation for obstetricians, gynecologists, and midwives in Australia: educational program developmentDawson, A; Varol, N
2013-11-01The role of an Aboriginal women's group in meeting the high needs of clients attending outpatient alcohol and other drug treatmentLee, KSK; Dawson, A; Conigrave, KM
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