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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01-01Pragmatic insights into a nurse-delivered motivational interviewing intervention in the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation settingEverett, B; Davidson, PM; Sheerin, N; Salamonson, Y; DiGiacomo, M
2010-07-01The nurse educator role in Australian hospitals: Implications for health policySayers, JM; DiGiacomo, M
2015-11-21Developing a gender-based approach to chronic conditions and women's health: A qualitative investigation of communitydwelling women and service provider perspectivesDiGiacomo, M; Green, A; Rodrigues, E; Mulligan, K; Davidson, PM
2014-01-01Older Arab migrants in Australia: Between the hammer of prejudice and the anvil of social isolationAl Abed, NA; Hickman, L; Jackson, D; DiGiacomo, M; Davidson, PM
2011-12-01The feminization of aging: How will this impact on health outcomes and services?Davidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M; McGrath, SJ
2018-08-18Negotiating health and chronic illness in Filipino-Australians: a qualitative study with implications for health promotionManeze, D; Ramjan, L; DiGiacomo, M; Everett, B; Davidson, PM; Salamonson, Y
2018-10-01Interacting With Providers: An Intersectional Exploration of the Experiences of Carers of Aboriginal Children With a DisabilityGreen, A; Abbott, P; Davidson, PM; Delaney, P; Delaney, J; Patradoon-Ho, P; DiGiacomo, M
2010-05-01A review of the cultural competence view of cardiac rehabilitationDavidson, PM; Gholizadeh, L; Haghshenas, A; Rotem, A; DiGiacomo, M; Eisenbruch, M; Salamonson, Y
2016-12-01Navigating the journey of Aboriginal childhood disability: a qualitative study of carers' interface with servicesGreen, A; Abbott, P; Delaney, P; Patradoon-Ho, P; Delaney, J; Davidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M
2011-02-01Smoking cessation in indigenous populations of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States: Elements of effective interventionsDiGiacomo, M; Davidson, PM; Abbott, PA; Davison, J; Moore, L; Thompson, SC
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