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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-10-01Cordless and waterproof cardiotocographyFox, D
2014-01-01Experiences of Women Planning a Home Birth Who Require Intrapartum Transfer to Hospital: A Metasynthesis of the Qualitative LiteratureFox, D; Sheehan, A; Homer, C
2018-10-01The challenges of improving perinatal outcomes for Thai adolescent pregnant women: views of health professionalsJittitaworn, W; Catling, C; Fox, D; Homer, C
2017-04-03Birthplace in Australia: Processes of referral and transfer from planned homebirth to hospitalFox, D; Sheehan, A; Homer, C
2019-09-01GEM care: Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of group antenatal care and education - a pilot randomised controlled trialHyde, R; Forster, D; Matthews, R; Dyson, K; Fox, D; Ryan, T
2018-11-01Birthplace in Australia: Antenatal preparation for the possibility of transfer from planned home birthFox, D; Sheehan, A; Homer, CS
2017-01-01Birthplace in Australia: Supporting woman centred care in homebirth transfer.Fox, D; Sheehan, A; Homer, C
2019-09-01Sharing experiences: Using AMSAT to assess midwifery student performanceSweet, L; Fox, D; Downer, T; Henderson, A; Fleet, J; Johns, K; Bull, A; Bowman, R; Bass, J; Ebert, L; Graham, K; Bazargan, M
2020-03-01Recognising the challenges of providing care for Thai pregnant adolescents: Healthcare professionals’ viewsJittitaworn, W; Fox, D; Catling, C; Homer, CSE
2016-10-26Birthplace in Australia: Qualitative perspectives on intrapartum transfer from planned homebirth to hospitalFox, D; Sheehan, A; Homer, C
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