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2018-03-01Exercise Preserves Physical Function in Prostate Cancer Patients with Bone MetastasesGalvão, DA; Taaffe, DR; Spry, N; Cormie, P; Joseph, D; Chambers, SK; Chee, R; Peddle-Mcintyre, CJ; Hart, NH; Baumann, FT; Denham, J; Baker, M; Newton, RU
2020-02Reporting of Resistance Training Dose, Adherence, and Tolerance in Exercise Oncology.Fairman, CM; Nilsen, TS; Newton, RU; Taaffe, DR; Spry, N; Joseph, D; Chambers, SK; Robinson, ZP; Hart, NH; Zourdos, MC; Focht, BC; Peddle-McIntyre, CJ; Galvão, DA
2018-04-01Can exercise delay transition to active therapy in men with low-grade prostate cancer? A multicentre randomised controlled trialGalvão, DA; Hayne, D; Frydenberg, M; Chambers, SK; Taaffe, DR; Spry, N; Scuffham, PA; Ware, RS; Hart, NH; Newton, RU
2022-08Unmet supportive care needs of people with advanced cancer and their caregivers: A systematic scoping review.Hart, NH; Crawford-Williams, F; Crichton, M; Yee, J; Smith, TJ; Koczwara, B; Fitch, MI; Crawford, GB; Mukhopadhyay, S; Mahony, J; Cheah, C; Townsend, J; Cook, O; Agar, MR; Chan, RJ
2022-02-01ACTN3 (R577X) Genotype Is Associated With Australian Football League Players.Jacob, Y; Hart, NH; Cochrane, JL; Spiteri, T; Laws, SM; Jones, A; Rogalski, B; Kenna, J; Anderton, RS
2022-10Association of developmental coordination disorder and low motor competence with impaired bone health: A systematic review.Tan, J; Murphy, M; Hart, NH; Rantalainen, T; Bhoyroo, R; Chivers, P
2022-06Barriers and facilitators to exercise among adult cancer survivors in Singapore.Chan, A; Ports, K; Neo, P; Ramalingam, MB; Lim, AT; Tan, B; Hart, NH; Chan, RJ; Loh, K
2022-08Characterising running economy and change of direction economy between soccer players of different playing positions, levels and sex.Dolci, F; Kilding, A; Spiteri, T; Chivers, P; Piggott, B; Maiorana, A; Hart, NH
2022-08Dual contribution of the gut microbiome to immunotherapy efficacy and toxicity: supportive care implications and recommendations.Wardill, HR; Chan, RJ; Chan, A; Keefe, D; Costello, SP; Hart, NH
2022-06Conventional supportive cancer care services in Australia: A national service mapping study (The CIA study).Pinkham, EP; Teleni, L; Nixon, JL; McKinnel, E; Brown, B; Joseph, R; Wishart, LR; Miller, E; Ward, EC; Hart, NH; Lock, G; Hanley, B; Chan, RJ
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