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2005-05-01The natural history of white coat hypertension during pregnancyBrown, MA; Mangos, G; Davis, G; Homer, C
2016-02-01Costing alternative birth settings for women at low risk of complications: A systematic reviewScarf, V; Catling, C; Viney, R; Homer, C
2009-12-01The St. George Homebirth Program: An evaluation of the first 100 booked womenMcMurtrie, J; Catling-Paul, C; Teate, A; Caplice, S; Chapman, M; Homer, C
2016-10-26Birthplace in Australia: Qualitative perspectives on intrapartum transfer from planned homebirth to hospitalFox, D; Sheehan, A; Homer, C
2015-01-01Evidence to inform education, training and supportive work environments for midwives involved in the care of women with female genital mutilation: A review of global experienceDawson, A; Turkmani, S; Fray, S; Nanayakkara, S; Varol, N; Homer, C
2009-01-01Maternal mortality: What can we learn from stories of postpartum haemorrhage?Homer, C; Clements, V; McDonnell, N; Peek, M; Sullivan, E
2008-10-06Assistive care loop with electronic maternity recordsHoang, DB; Lawrence, E; Ahmad, NF; Balasubramanian, V; Homer, C; Foureur, M; Leap, N
2003-01-01From student to midwife: the experiences of newly graduated midwives working in an innovative model of midwifery care.Passant, L; Homer, C; Wills, J
2019Assessing Knowledge Gaps of Women and Healthcare Providers Concerning Cardiovascular Risk After Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy-A Scoping Review.Roth, H; LeMarquand, G; Henry, A; Homer, C
2009-03-01Vitamin D, PTH and calcium levels in pregnant women and their neonatesBowyer, L; Catling-Paull, C; Diamond, T; Homer, C; Davis, G; Craig, ME
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