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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Using video in childbirth research: ethical approval challengesHarte, D; Homer, CS; Sheehan, A; Leap, N; Foureur, M
2009-01Transforming the Culture of a Maternity Service: St George Hospital, Sydney, AustraliaBrodie, PM; Homer, CS; Davis-FLoyd, R; Barclay, L; Daviss, BA; Tritten, J
2011-01Pregnancy-Related Lumbopelvic Pain: Listening to Australian WomenPierce, HM; Homer, CS; Dahlen, H; King, J
2011-01Staffing in Maternity UnitsSandall, J; Homer, CS; Sadler, E; Rudisill, C; Bbourgeault, IL; Bewley, S; Nelson, P; Cowie, L; Cooper, C; Curry, N
2007-01-01Predicting transformation from gestational hypertension to preeclampsia in clinical practice: A possible role for 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoringDavis, GK; Mackenzie, C; Brown, MA; Homer, CS; Holt, J; McHugh, L; Mangos, G
2002-01Urinary catheterisation of women undergoing an elective caesarean section: A quality improvement projectUrquhart, V; Homer, CS; Farrell, TJ; Steinlein, E; Sutherland-Fraser, SJ
2018-11-01Birthplace in Australia: Antenatal preparation for the possibility of transfer from planned home birthFox, D; Sheehan, A; Homer, CS
2019-01-01Providing quality care for women with vasa praevia: Challenges and barriers faced by Australian midwivesJavid, N; Hyett, JA; Homer, CS
2014-01Routine care of postpartum womenAtchan, MA; Homer, CS; Abbott, J; Bowyer, L; Finn, M
2013-12-01How does the mining industry contribute to sexual and reproductive health in developing countries? A narrative synthesis of current evidence to inform practiceDawson, AJ; Homer, CS
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