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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-03An exploration of the support provided by prison staff, education, health and social care professionals, and prisoners for prisoners with dementiaBrooke J; Jackson D
2019-12-17International perspectives of nurses, midwives and allied health professionals clinical academic roles: Are we at tipping point?Carrick-Sen D; Moore A; Davidson P; Gendong H; Jackson D
2020-05-18Defining compassion in a hospital setting: consensus on the characteristics that comprise compassion from researchers in the field.Durkin J; Jackson D; Usher K
2020-08COVID-19 reinforces the importance of handwashing.Alzyood M; Jackson D; Aveyard H; Brooke J
2020-05-14Developing metrics for nursing quality of care for low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review linked to stakeholder engagement.Gathara D; Zosi M; Serem G; Nzinga J; Murphy GAV; Jackson D; Brownie S; English M
2020-07Older people and COVID-19: Isolation, risk and ageism.Brooke J; Jackson D
2020-09Pre-registration undergraduate nurses and the COVID-19 pandemic: Students or workers?Hayter M; Jackson D
2020-01Pre-registration nursing students' perceptions and experience of intentional rounding: A cross-sectional study.Ryan ELJ; Jackson D; Woods C; Usher KJ
2020-07Social media and drug resistance in nursing training: Using a Twitterchat to develop an international community of practice for antimicrobial resistance.Wright R; Ferguson C; Bodrick M; Balkhy H; Jackson D; Davidson PM
2020-04-28The potential for COVID-19 to contribute to compassion fatigue in critical care nurses.Alharbi J; Jackson D; Usher K
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