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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06-01Student evaluation of simulation in undergraduate nursing programs in Australia using quality indicatorsKable, AK; Arthur, C; Levett-Jones, T; Reid-Searl, K
2018-01-01A cross-national study to objectively evaluate the quality of diverse simulation approaches for undergraduate nursing studentsKable, AK; Levett-Jones, TL; Arthur, C; Reid-Searl, K; Humphreys, M; Morris, S; Walsh, P; Witton, NJ
2014-01-01The implementation of Mask-Ed: Reflections of academic participantsReid-Searl, K; Levett-Jones, T; Cooper, S; Happell, B
2013-11-01Snapshots of simulation: Creative strategies used by Australian educators to enhance simulation learning experiences for nursing studentsMcAllister, M; Levett-Jones, T; Downer, T; Harrison, P; Harvey, T; Reid-Searl, K; Lynch, K; Arthur, C; Layh, J; Calleja, P
2019-11-01Responding to the Unexpected: Tag Team Patient Safety SimulationDwyer, TA; Levett-Jones, T; Flenady, T; Reid-Searl, K; Andersen, P; Guinea, S; Heaton, L; Applegarth, J; Goodwin, BC
2019-06-01Simulation-based learning for patient safety: The development of the Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation methodology for nursing educationGuinea, S; Andersen, P; Reid-Searl, K; Levett-Jones, T; Dwyer, T; Heaton, L; Flenady, T; Applegarth, J; Bickell, P
2018-03-01Snapshots of Simulation: Innovative Strategies Used by International Educators to Enhance Simulation Learning Experiences for Health Care StudentsAndersen, P; Baron, S; Bassett, J; Govind, N; Hayes, C; Lapkin, S; Lasater, K; Levett-Jones, T; McAllister, M; Pich, J; Power, T; Reid-Searl, K; Ryan, C; Shearer, K; Simes, T
2020-02-19Evaluation of the 'Empathic Care of a Vulnerable Older Person' e-simulation.Reid-Searl, K; Levett-Jones, T; Lapkin, S; Jakimowicz, S; Hunter, J; Rawlings-Anderson, K
2021-01-01Designing Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation: An instructional design approachAndersen, P; Guinea, S; Reid-Searl, K; Levett-Jones, T
2020-02-19A cross-sectional survey of nursing students' patient safety knowledge.Levett-Jones, T; Andersen, P; Bogossian, F; Cooper, S; Guinea, S; Hopmans, R; McKenna, L; Pich, J; Reid-Searl, K; Seaton, P
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