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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-01High engagement, high quality: A guiding framework for developing empirically informed asynchronous e-learning programs for health professional educatorsSinclair, PM; Levett-Jones, T; Morris, A; Carter, B; Bennett, PN; Kable, A
2019-01-01An evaluation of general practice nurses' knowledge of chronic kidney disease risk factors and screening practices following completion of a case study-based asynchronous e-learning moduleSinclair, PM; Kable, A; Levett-Jones, T; Holder, C; Oldmeadow, CJ
2017-10-01Barriers and facilitators to opportunistic chronic kidney disease screening by general practice nursesSinclair, PM; Day, J; Levett-Jones, T; Kable, A
2015-01-01Mentorship in the health disciplinesSinclair, PM; Pich, J; Hennessy, M; Wooding, J; Williams, J; Young, S; Schoch, M
2016-07-01Rocking the boat - nursing students' stories of moral courage: A qualitative descriptive studyBickhoff, L; Levett-Jones, T; Sinclair, PM
2018-04-01Mothers’ experience of caring for a child with early onset scoliosis: A qualitative descriptive studyLauder, B; Sinclair, PM; Maguire, J
2011-03-01The evolution of the nephrology educators' networkSinclair, PM; Levett-Jones, T
2017Moral courage in undergraduate nursing students: A literature reviewBickhoff, L; Sinclair, PM; Levett-Jones, T
2016-03-01Advance care planning in nephrology careBradshaw, W; Smith, K; Sinclair, PM
2016-07-01Haemodialysis in patents at high risk of bleedingStephenson, MD; Sinclair, PM
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