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2020-08The Trach Trail: A Systems-Based Pathway to Improve Quality of Tracheostomy Care and Interdisciplinary Collaboration.Cherney, RL; Pandian, V; Ninan, A; Eastman, D; Barnes, B; King, E; Miller, B; Judkins, S; Smith, AE; Smith, NM; Hanley, J; Creutz, E; Carlson, M; Schneider, KJ; Shever, LL; Casper, KA; Davidson, PM; Brenner, MJ
2020-10How Has Workload Been Defined and How Many Workload-Related Exposures to Injury Are Included in Published Sports Injury Articles? A Scoping Review.Udby, CL; Impellizzeri, FM; Lind, M; Nielsen RØ
2019Behind the Wheel: Process Evaluation of a Safe-Transport Program for Older Drivers Delivered in a Randomized Controlled TrialCoxon, K; Hunter, K; Chevalier, A; Brown, J; Clarke, E; Rogers, K; Boufous, S; Ivers, R; Keay, L
2020-09Injury, Illness, and Training Load in a Professional Contemporary Dance Company: A Prospective Study.Jeffries, AC; Wallace, L; Coutts, AJ; Cohen, AM; McCall, A; Impellizzeri, FM
2020-08-31Physical activity interventions to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: a systematic review protocol.Evans, J; Canuto, K; Kelly, R; Caperchione, C; Macniven, R
2020-10No evidence of a legacy effect on survival following randomization to extended hours dialysis in the ACTIVE Dialysis trial.Smyth, B; Zuo, L; Gray, NA; Chan, CT; de Zoysa, JR; Hong, D; Rogers, K; Wang, J; Cass, A; Gallagher, M; Perkovic, V; Jardine, M; ACTIVE Dialysis Study Investigators
2020-10Patient Expectations about Communication in the Perioperative Setting of Elective Knee Surgery - a Questionnaire-based Cross-sectional Study.Walter, SG; Naal, F; Impellizzeri, FM; Moser, B; Schildberg, FA; Drobny, T; Preiss, S; Salzmann, GM
2017-01-01Evaluation of salvia miltiorrhiza radix (Danshen) in the treatment of chronic kidney disease: A literature reviewCarè, J
2020-10Training Load and Injury Part 2: Questionable Research Practices Hijack the Truth and Mislead Well-Intentioned Clinicians.Impellizzeri, FM; Ward, P; Coutts, AJ; Bornn, L; McCall, A
2020-10Career Performance Trajectories of Professional Australian Football Players.Sullivan, C; Kempton, T; Ward, P; Coutts, AJ
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