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2023-03-01Assessment of childbirth-related post traumatic stress disorder in Australian mothers: Psychometric properties of the City Birth Trauma Scale.Fameli, A-L; Costa, DSJ; Coddington, R; Hawes, DJ
2021-11-23Clinical Decision Making in the Management of Breast Cancer Diagnosed During Pregnancy: A Review and Case Series Analysis.Safi, N; Saunders, C; Anazodo, A; Dickinson, JE; Boyle, F; Ives, A; Wang, A; Li, Z; Sullivan, E
2023-03-01Differentiating Stroke and Movement Accelerometer Profiles to Improve Prescription of Tennis Training Drills.Perri, T; Reid, M; Murphy, A; Howle, K; Duffield, R
2023-10-26From Plants to Therapies: Exploring the Pharmacology of Coumestrol for Neurological Conditions.Singla, M; Verma, S; Thakur, K; Goyal, A; Sharma, V; Sharma, D; Porwal, O; Subramaniyan, V; Behl, T; Singh, SK; Dua, K; Gupta, G; Gupta, S
-Energetic and Cognitive Demands of Treading Water: Effects of Technique and Expertisevan Duijn, T; Button, C; Cotter, JD; Masters, RSW
2023-04-01Causes, Consequences, and Treatments of Sleep and Circadian Disruption in the ICU: An Official American Thoracic Society Research Statement.Knauert, MP; Ayas, NT; Bosma, KJ; Drouot, X; Heavner, MS; Owens, RL; Watson, PL; Wilcox, ME; Anderson, BJ; Cordoza, ML; Devlin, JW; Elliott, R; Gehlbach, BK; Girard, TD; Kamdar, BB; Korwin, AS; Lusczek, ER; Parthasarathy, S; Spies, C; Sunderram, J; Telias, I; Weinhouse, GL; Zee, PC
2023-10Comparison of early mobilization protocols on postoperative cognitive dysfunction, pain, and length of hospital stay in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery: A randomized controlled trial.Allahbakhshian, A; Khalili, AF; Gholizadeh, L; Esmealy, L
2023-04-01Physical Demands of Elite Male and Female 3 × 3 International Basketball Matches.Ferioli, D; Conte, D; Rucco, D; Alcaraz, PE; Vaquera, A; Romagnoli, M; Rampinini, E
2023-09Health anxiety and its association with perceived subjective workload in psychiatric nurses during the COVID-19 outbreak: a correlational study.Alipour, R; Golizadeh, L; Arshadi Bostanabad, M; Vahidi, M; Hosseinzadeh, M; Namdar Areshtanab, H; Asadpour, H
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