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2018-07-01Heat stress incidence and matchplay characteristics in Women's Grand Slam TennisSmith, MT; Reid, M; Kovalchik, S; Wood, T; Duffield, R
2019-08Pharmacy-based interdisciplinary intervention for patients with chronic heart failure: results of the PHARM-CHF randomized controlled trial.Schulz, M; Griese-Mammen, N; Anker, SD; Koehler, F; Ihle, P; Ruckes, C; Schumacher, PM; Trenk, D; Böhm, M; Laufs, U; PHARM-CHF Investigators
2019-08Native T1 Mapping in the Diagnosis of Cardiac Allograft Rejection: A Prospective Histologically Validated Study.Imran, M; Wang, L; McCrohon, J; Yu, C; Holloway, C; Otton, J; Huang, J; Stehning, C; Moffat, KJ; Ross, J; Puntmann, VO; Vassiliou, VS; Prasad, S; Kotlyar, E; Keogh, A; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P; Jabbour, A
2020A Combined Sleep Hygiene and Mindfulness Intervention to Improve Sleep and Well-Being During High-Performance Youth Tennis TournamentsLever, JR; Murphy, AP; Duffield, R; Fullagar, HHK
2020A multifactorial comparison of Australian youth soccer players' performance characteristicsBennett, KJM; Novak, AR; Pluss, MA; Coutts, AJ; Fransen, J
2019-11-01Practitioner Perceptions of Evidence-Based Practice in Elite Sport in the United States of AmericaFullagar, HHK; Harper, LD; Govus, A; McCunn, R; Eisenmann, J; McCall, A
2019-09-01Babies born with ambiguous genitalia: Exploring the midwife's role in supporting families at birthFox, D; Hanna, C; Cummins, A
2020-03-01Development and validation of the Australian Midwifery Standards Assessment Tool (AMSAT) to the Australian Midwife Standards for Practice 2018Sweet, L; Fleet, J; Bull, A; Downer, T; Fox, D; Bowman, R; Ebert, L; Graham, K; Bass, J; Muller, A; Henderson, A
2020-05Poor Sleep Quality's Association With Soccer Injuries: Preliminary Data.Silva, A; Narciso, FV; Soalheiro, I; Viegas, F; Freitas, LSN; Lima, A; Leite, BA; Aleixo, HC; Duffield, R; de Mello, MT
2019-09-01‘Feelings, and feelings, and feelings. Let me try thinking instead’: Screening for distress and referral to psychosocial care for men with prostate cancerDunn, J; Chambers, SK
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