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2006-05-01Cardiorespiratory responses to Yo-yo Intermittent Endurance Test in nonelite youth soccer playersCastagna, C; Impellizzeri, FM; Belardinelli, R; Abt, G; Coutts, A; Chamari, K; D'Ottavio, S
2006-02Handwashing practice and policy variability when caring for central venous catheters in paediatric intensive care.Morritt, ML; Harrod, ME; Crisp, J; Senner, A; Galway, R; Petty, S; Maurice, L; Harvey, A; Hardy, J; Donnellan, R
2006-12Fractured families: parental perspectives of the effects of adolescent drug abuse on family life.Jackson, D; Usher, K; O'Brien, L
2006-01-01Child-to-mother violence: a pilot study.Stewart, M; Wilkes, LM; Jackson, D; Mannix, J
2006-12-01The undervalued role of over-regulation in autism: Chaos theory as a metaphor and beyondCashin, A; Waters, C
2006-08-01The impact of nurse turnover on patient, nurse, and system outcomes: A pilot study and focus for a multicenter international studyO'Brien-Pallas, L; Griffin, P; Shamian, J; Buchan, J; Duffield, C; Hughes, F; Spence Laschinger, HK; North, N; Stone, PW
2006-09-01Factors Associated With Delay to Opiate Analgesia in Emergency DepartmentsArendts, G; Fry, M
2006-01-01Survival of the fittest, or socially constructed phenomena? Theoretical understandings of aggression and violence towards nurses.Luck, L; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2006-05-01Recognising, responding and resisting violence: a critical challenge for nurses.Jackson, D; McMurray, A
2006Composite Cubic Bezier Surface with C^r ContinuityCheah, S
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