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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Surviving survival: nursing care at Bergen-Belsen 1945Ben-Sefer, EJ
Jan-2009The CCK2 agonist BC-264 decreases predatory fear freezing at high but not low dosages in PVG hooded rats during initial exposure to a catMcLachlan, C; Farook, J; Dauge, V; Wong, P
Jan-2009Chronic high dose captopril decreases total heart rate variability and increases heart rate in C57BL/6J miceTouma, F; Chew, V; Chua, W; Jelinek, H; Wong, P; Spence, I; McLachlan, C
Jan-2009Pre-and postpartum levels of childbirth fear and the relationship to birth outcomes in a cohort of Australian womenFenwick, JH; Gamble, J; Nathan, E; Bayes, S; Hacuk, Y
1-Nov-2009Views on evidence from nursing and midwifery opinion leadersWaters, D; Rychetnik, L; Crisp, J; Barratt, A
Jan-2009The Australian experience of nurses' preparedness for evidence-based practiceWaters, DL; Crisp, J; Rychetnik, L; Barrat, A
Jan-2009Specialist nursing framework for New Zealand: A missing link in workforce planningHolloway, K; Baker, JD; Lumby, J
Jan-2009Childbirth Fear, Anxiety, Fatigue, and Sleep Deprivation in Pregnant WomenHall, W; Hauck, Y; Carty, EM; Hutton, E; Fenwick, JH; Stoll, K
Jan-2009Midwives description of the postnatal experience of women who use illicit substances: a Descriptive StudyDowdell, J; Fenwick, JH; Bartu, A; Sharp, J
Jan-2009Prospective study of early bereavement on psychological and behavioural cardiac risk factorsBuckley, T; Bartrop, R; McKinley, SM; Ward, C; Bramwell, M; Roche, D; Mihailidou, AS; Morel-Kopp, M; Spinaze, MM; Hocking, B; Goldston, K; Tennant, C; Tofler, G
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