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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09-01Resilience of African migrants: An integrative reviewBabatunde-Sowole, O; Power, T; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M
2016-03-01Nutritional care of elderly patients in acute care settings: A qualitative studyGholizadeh, L; Yazdi, K; Dehghan Nayeri, N; Mohammadi, E
2016-04-01Increased incidence of gestational hypertension and preeclampsia after assisted reproductive technology treatmentWang, YA; Chughtai, AA; Farquhar, CM; Pollock, W; Lui, K; Sullivan, EA
2016-08-01Prevalence and characteristics of Australian women who use prayer or spiritual healing: A nationally representative cross-sectional studyRao, A; Hickman, LD; Phillips, JL; Sibbritt, D
2016-10-01Narrowing the Gap? Describing women's outcomes in Midwifery Group Practice in remote AustraliaLack, BM; Smith, RM; Arundell, MJ; Homer, CSE
2016-07-02Nutritional strategies for maximizing recovery from strenuous exercise in the heat: An important role for carbohydrate (sago) supplementationWanner, SP; Wilke, CF; Duffield, R
2016-01-01A cross-sectional study of the clinical characteristics of cancer patients presenting to one tertiary referral emergency departmentOatley, M; Fry, M; Mullen, L
2016-02-01Twenty-five years since the Shearman Report: How far have we come? Are we there yet?Catling, CJ; Homer, CSE
2016-01-01Patterns of interaction in doctor-patient communication and their impact on health outcomesSlade, D; Matthiessen, CMIM; Lock, G; Pun, J; Lam, M
2016-06-01Gestational surrogacy in Australia 2004-2011: Treatment, pregnancy and birth outcomesWang, AY; Dill, SK; Bowman, M; Sullivan, EA
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