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1-Apr-2018Improving evidence based practice in postgraduate nursing programs: A systematic review: Bridging the evidence practice gap (BRIDGE project)Hickman, LD; DiGiacomo, M; Phillips, J; Rao, A; Newton, PJ; Jackson, D; Ferguson, C
2018Mania Associated With Herbal Medicines, Other Than Cannabis: A Systematic Review and Quality Assessment of Case ReportsBostock, E; Kirkby, K; Garry, M; Taylor, B; Hawrelak, JA
12-Oct-2018Functional recovery after dantrolene-supplementation of cold stored hearts using an ex vivo isolated working rat heart modelVillanueva, JE; Gao, L; Chew, HC; Hicks, M; Doyle, A; Qui, MR; Dhital, KK; Macdonald, PS; Jabbour, A
2018The role of nervous system support in naturopathic treatment of skin disorders: A case studyGerontakos, S; Casteleijn, D
Dec-2018An evaluation of garlic products available in Australian pharmacies–From the label to the laboratoryChan, W-JJ; McLachlan, AJ; Wheate, NJ; Harnett, JE
1-Jan-2018Exploring parents' knowledge of paediatric inpatient falls to inform nursing practiceSheppard-Law, SJ; Brogan, F; Ritz-Shala, D; Kornman, K; Cruickshank, M
1-Aug-2018Time travelling with technologyWatson, K; Parker, D; Leahy, A; Pieper, D; Stevens, K
Oct-2018Trends in medicalisation of female genital mutilation/cutting: what do the data reveal?Shell-Duncan, B; Njue, C; Moore, Z
14-Nov-2018Personal, social, and environmental factors associated with lifejacket wear in adults and children: A systematic literature reviewHamilton, K; Peden, A; Demant, D; Hagger, M
25-Sep-2018Use of critical appraisal as a tool for peer instruction and assessment in post-graduate epidemiologyDemant, D; Baker, PRA
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