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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-02Integrating Traditional and Complementary Medicine with National Healthcare Systems for Universal Health Coverage in Asia and the Western PacificPark, YL; Canaway, R
2019-04-11Patients' knowledge and opinions of ICDs during life, illness and at the time of deathMooney, M; McKee, G; McDermott, E; O'Donnell, S; Ryan, P; Moser, D; O'Brien, F
2019-04-01The use of mind-body medicine among US individuals with sleep problems: analysis of the 2017 National Health Interview Survey dataVoiß, P; Höxtermann, MD; Dobos, G; Cramer, H
2019-01-01The association between web-based or face-to-face lifestyle interventions on the perceived benefits and barriers to exercise in midlife women: Three-arm equivalency studyMcGuire, AM; Seib, C; Porter-Steele, J; Anderson, DJ
2019-07-17An investigation of Australian osteopaths' attitudes, skills and utilisation of evidence-based practice: A national cross-sectional surveyLeach, MJ; Sundberg, T; Fryer, G; Austin, P; Thomson, OP; Adams, J
2019-06-01Realism and presence in simulation: Nursing student perceptions and learning outcomesMaclean, S; Geddes, F; Kelly, M; Della, P
2019-02-16Examination of the neuromechanical factors contributing to golf swing performanceSheehan, WB; Watsford, ML; Pickering Rodriguez, EC
2019-10Mortality and hospital readmissions in the first year of life after intra‐uterine and neonatal blood product transfusions: A population data linkage studyRandall, DA; Bowen, JR; Patterson, JA; Irving, DO; Hirani, R; Ford, JB
2019-09-03Challenges to the provision of clinical education in nursingSpence, D; Zambas, S; Mannix, J; Jackson, D; Neville, S
2019-05-01Nutrition care guidelines for men with prostate cancer undergoing androgen deprivation therapy: do we have enough evidence?Barnes, KA; Ball, LE; Galvão, DA; Newton, RU; Chambers, SK
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