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2022Between-day reliability of cytokines and adipokines for application in research and practice.Rose, GL; Farley, MJ; Flemming, NB; Skinner, TL; Schaumberg, MA
2022-07Health Economics and Equity in Preconception Health Care: A Systematic Review.Carrandi, A; Bull, C; Callander, E
2022-02A multistate model of health transitions in older people: a secondary analysis of ASPREE clinical trial data.Neumann, JT; Thao, LTP; Callander, E; Carr, PR; Qaderi, V; Nelson, MR; Reid, CM; Woods, RL; Orchard, SG; Wolfe, R; Polekhina, G; Williamson, JD; Trauer, JM; Newman, AB; Murray, AM; Ernst, ME; Tonkin, AM; McNeil, JJ
2022-12From little things, big things grow: An exploratory analysis of the national cost of peripheral intravenous catheter insertion in Australian adult emergency care.Morgan, R; Callander, E; Cullen, L; Walker, K; Bumpstead, S; Hawkins, T; Kuhn, L; Egerton-Warburton, D
2022-02Antenatal magnesium sulphate for preventing cerebral palsy: An economic evaluation of the impact of a quality improvement program.Keir, A; Rumbold, A; Shepherd, E; Mcintyre, S; Groves, C; Cavallaro, A; Crowther, C; Callander, E
2022-02-10Evaluating the development, woman-centricity and psychometric properties of maternity patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient-reported experience measures (PREMs): A systematic review protocol.Bull, C; Teede, H; Carrandi, L; Rigney, A; Cusack, S; Callander, E
2022-02Cardiovascular risk prediction in healthy older people.Neumann, JT; Thao, LTP; Callander, E; Chowdhury, E; Williamson, JD; Nelson, MR; Donnan, G; Woods, RL; Reid, CM; Poppe, KK; Jackson, R; Tonkin, AM; McNeil, JJ
2022-10Development of a co-designed, evidence-based, multi-pronged strategy to support normal birth.Allen, J; Toohill, J; Creedy, DK; Callander, EJ; Gamble, J
2022-05-25How does the onset of physical disability or dementia in older adults affect economic wellbeing and co-payments for health care? the impact of gender.Hu, Y; Carr, PR; Liew, D; Broder, J; Callander, EJ; McNeil, JJ
2022-06Income support for parents of children with chronic conditions and disability: where do we draw the line? A policy review.Chua, C; Bull, C; Callander, EJ
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