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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10A cluster randomised controlled feasibility study of nurse-initiated behavioural strategies to manage interruptions during medication administration.Johnson M; Langdon R; Levett-Jones T; Weidemann G; Manias E; Everett B
2019-06The road to 21 seconds: A case report of a 2016 Olympic swimming sprinterBarbosa AC; Valadão PF; Wilke CF; Martins FDS; Silva DCP; Volkers SA; Lima COV; Ribeiro JRC; Bittencourt NF; Barroso R
2020-06Development and preliminarily validation of the Complementary Medicine Disclosure Index.McIntyre E; Foley H; Diezel H; Harnett J; Adams J; Sibritt D; Steel A
2020A multifactorial comparison of Australian youth soccer players' performance characteristicsBennett KJM; Novak AR; Pluss MA; Coutts AJ; Fransen J
2020Obesity and dental caries in early childhood: A systematic review and meta-analyses.Manohar N; Hayen A; Fahey P; Arora A
2020-03Perceived stress mediates the effect of yoga on quality of life and disease activity in ulcerative colitis. Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial.Koch AK; Schöls M; Langhorst J; Dobos G; Cramer H
2020Predictors of duloxetine response in patients with neuropathic cancer pain: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial—JORTC-PAL08 (DIRECT) studyMatsuoka H; Iwase S; Miyaji T; Kawaguchi T; Ariyoshi K; Oyamada S; Satomi E; Ishiki H; Hasuo H; Sakuma H; Tokoro A; Matsuda Y; Tahara K; Otani H; Ohtake Y; Tsukuura H; Matsumoto Y; Hasegawa Y; Kataoka Y; Otsuka M; Sakai K; Nakura M; Morita T; Yamaguchi T; Koyama A
2020-01-28Psychological outcomes following surgical and endoscopic bariatric procedures: A systematic review.Spirou D; Raman J; Smith E
2020Regular dosing compared with as-needed dosing of opioids for management of chronic cancer pain: systematic review and meta-analysis.Edler-Buggy S; Birtwistle J; ElMokhallalati Y; Kindl K; Good P; Bennett MI
2020-12-01Performance analysis in esports: modelling performance at the 2018 League of Legends World ChampionshipNovak AR; Bennett KJM; Pluss MA; Fransen J
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