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2020-06-16Models of maternal and child healthcare for African refugees: protocol for an exploratory, mixed-methods studyNjue, C; Hayen, A; Dawson, A
2020-04-06Developing a multivariable prediction model for functional outcome after reperfusion therapy for acute ischaemic stroke: study protocol for the Targeting Optimal Thrombolysis Outcomes (TOTO) multicentre cohort study.Holliday, E; Lillicrap, T; Kleinig, T; Choi, PMC; Maguire, J; Bivard, A; Lincz, LF; Hamilton-Bruce, MA; Rao, SR; Snel, MF; Trim, PJ; Lin, L; Parsons, MW; Worrall, BB; Koblar, S; Attia, J; Levi, C
2020-05-25Parenthood and pregnancy in Australians receiving treatment for end-stage kidney disease: protocol of a national study of perinatal and parental outcomes through population record linkage.Hewawasam, E; Gulyani, A; Davies, CE; Sullivan, E; Wark, S; Clayton, PA; McDonald, SP; Jesudason, S
2020-10-23Assessing care trajectories of adolescent females seeking early induced abortion in New South Wales: multistage, mixed-methods study protocolDawson, A; Assifi, A; Sullivan, E; Kang, M
2020-08-05Comparative efficacy of different exercise interventions in chronic non-specific low back pain: protocol of a systematic review and network meta-analysis.Anheyer, D; Klose, P; Koch, AK; Haller, H; Dobos, G; Cramer, H
2020-12-17Assessing Australian women's knowledge and knowledge preferences about long-term health after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a survey study.Roth, H; Homer, CSE; LeMarquand, G; Roberts, LM; Hanley, L; Brown, M; Henry, A
2020-01-21Availability and quality of publicly available health workforce data sources in Australia: a scoping review protocol.Gillam, M; Leach, M; Muller, J; Gonzalez-Chica, D; Jones, M; Muyambi, K; Walsh, S; May, E
2020-06Prevalence and attributable health burden of chronic respiratory diseases, 1990-2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017.GBD Chronic Respiratory Disease Collaborators,
2020-07-19Core outcome set for studies on pregnant women with vasa previa (COVasP): a study protocol.D'Souza, R; Villani, L; Hall, C; Seyoum, M; Kingdom, J; Krznaric, M; Donnolley, N; Javid, N
2020-10Evaluating the long-term effects of a data-driven approach to reduce variation in emergency department pathology investigations: study protocol for evaluation of the NSW Health Pathology Atlas of variationScowen, C; Wabe, N; Eigenstetter, A; Lindeman, R; Miao, M; Westbrook, JI; Georgiou, A
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