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2020-06-01A Blended Learning Activity to Model Clinical Judgment in Practice: A Multisite EvaluationKelly, M; Lapkin, S; McGrath, B; Holloway, K; Nielsen, A; Stoyles, S; Campbell, M; Dieckmann, NF; Lasater, K
2020Complementary medicine for the management of knee and hip osteoarthritis - A patient perspective.Kim, C; Stebbings, S; Sundberg, T; Munk, N; Lauche, R; Ward, L
2020-04-01Mobilising the nursing student workforce in COVID-19: The value propositionBogossian, F; McKenna, L; Levett-Jones, T
2020-04Nurses as key advocates of self-care approaches to chronic disease management.Alex, J; Ramjan, L; Salamonson, Y; Ferguson, C
2020-05Nurses responding to the World Health Organization (WHO) priority for emergency care systems for universal health coverage.Curtis, K; Brysiewicz, P; Shaban, RZ; Fry, M; Considine, J; Gamboa, FEA; Holden, M; Heyns, T; Peden, M
2020-07TAS2R38 PAV Haplotype Predicts Vegetable Consumption in Community-Dwelling Caucasian Adults at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease.Smith, JL; Estus, S; Lennie, TA; Moser, DK; Chung, ML; Mudd-Martin, G
2020-08-01The Impact of Simulation on Graduate Entry Master's Students' Confidence to Provide Safe Patient Care: A Longitudinal StudyBrown, J; Kelly, MA; McGough, S; Fagence, A; Bosco, AM; Mason, J; Albrecht, MA
2020-12-01Measuring nurses' perceptions of their work environment and linking with behaviour change theories and implementation strategies to support evidence based practice changeFry, M; Elliott, R; Fitzpatrick, L; Warton, J; Curtis, K
2020-01Promoting healthy weight for all young children: a mixed methods study of child and family health nurses' perceptions of barriers and how to overcome them.Cheng, H; Eames-Brown, R; Tutt, A; Laws, R; Blight, V; McKenzie, A; Rossiter, C; Campbell, K; Sim, K; Fowler, C; Seabury, R; Denney-Wilson, E
2020-09-05Factors associated with the psychological well-being among front-line nurses exposed to COVID-2019 in China: A predictive study.Li, X; Zhou, Y; Xu, X
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