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2015-01Use of an Innovative Personality-Mindset Profiling Tool to Guide Culture-Change Strategies among Different Healthcare Worker Groups.Grayson, ML; Macesic, N; Huang, GK; Bond, K; Fletcher, J; Gilbert, GL; Gordon, DL; Hellsten, JF; Iredell, J; Keighley, C; Stuart, RL; Xuereb, CS; Cruickshank, M
2020-07Pain assessment and interventions by nurses in the emergency department: A national survey.Varndell, W; Fry, M; Elliott, D
2020-10Associations of moderate to vigorous physical activity and sedentary behavior with depressive and anxiety symptoms in self-isolating people during the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional survey in Brazil.Schuch, FB; Bulzing, RA; Meyer, J; Vancampfort, D; Firth, J; Stubbs, B; Grabovac, I; Willeit, P; Tavares, VDO; Calegaro, VC; Deenik, J; López-Sánchez, GF; Veronese, N; Caperchione, CM; Sadarangani, KP; Abufaraj, M; Tully, MA; Smith, L
2020-09Perceptions and use of recovery strategies: Do swimmers and coaches believe they are effective?Shell, SJ; Slattery, K; Clark, B; Broatch, JR; Halson, S; Kellmann, M; Coutts, AJ
2020-01Seasonal changes in physical capacities of basketball players according to competitive levels and individual responses.Ferioli, D; Bosio, A; Zois, J; La Torre, A; Rampinini, E
2020-05Assessing body composition in rugby players: agreement between different methods and association with physical performance.Hartmann Nunes, RF; de Souza Bezerra, E; Orssatto, LB; Moreno, YM; Loturco, I; Duffield, R; Silva, DA; Guglielmo, LG
2020-09Physiological profile of elite Bicycle Motocross cyclists and physiological-perceptual demands of a Bicycle Motocross race simulation.Petruolo, A; Connolly, DR; Bosio, A; Induni, M; Rampinini, E
2020Infectious diseases in post-trial detention and comparisons with pre-trial detention: A study in Geneva, Switzerland.Baggio, S; Chacowry Pala, K; Rieder, J-P; Tran, NT; Wolff, H; Gétaz, L
2019-11-26Monitoring residual 36 h post-match neuromuscular fatigue in rugby union; a role for postural control?Troester, JC; Duffield, R
2020Using cooperative networks to analyse behaviour in professional Australian Football.Sheehan, WB; Tribolet, R; Watsford, ML; Novak, AR; Rennie, MJ; Fransen, J
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