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2020-12Vasomotor menopausal symptoms and risk of cardiovascular disease: a pooled analysis of six prospective studies.Zhu, D; Chung, H-F; Dobson, AJ; Pandeya, N; Anderson, DJ; Kuh, D; Hardy, R; Brunner, EJ; Avis, NE; Gold, EB; El Khoudary, SR; Crawford, SL; Mishra, GD
2020-11The health outcomes of inflammation and obesity in patients with heart failure.Saleh, ZT; Lennie, TA; Darawad, M; Alduraidi, H; Elshatarat, RA; Almansour, IM; Moser, DK
2020-08Family violence and COVID-19: Increased vulnerability and reduced options for support.Usher, K; Bhullar, N; Durkin, J; Gyamfi, N; Jackson, D
2020-01-21Hepatitis E as a cause of adult hospitalization in Bangladesh: Results from an acute jaundice surveillance study in six tertiary hospitals, 2014-2017.Paul, RC; Nazneen, A; Banik, KC; Sumon, SA; Paul, KK; Akram, A; Uzzaman, MS; Iqbal, T; Tejada-Strop, A; Kamili, S; Luby, SP; Gidding, HF; Hayen, A; Gurley, ES
2020-09Functional health literacy and caregiving burden among family caregivers of patients with end-stage renal disease.Abed, MA; Khalifeh, AH; Khalil, AA; Darawad, MW; Moser, DK
2019-12Patients, caregivers and nurses' attitudes toward patients' participation in knee and hip joint replacement pain management: a Q-methodology study.Zhu, N; Xu, P; Ma, J; Liang, Y; Xu, X; Li, J
2018-03-13A cross-cultural comparison of health-related quality of life and its associated factors among older women in Vietnam and Australia.Dao-Tran, T-H; Seib, C; Jones, L; Anderson, D
2018-11-27Relationships between intensity, duration, cumulative dose, and timing of smoking with age at menopause: A pooled analysis of individual data from 17 observational studies.Zhu, D; Chung, H-F; Pandeya, N; Dobson, AJ; Cade, JE; Greenwood, DC; Crawford, SL; Avis, NE; Gold, EB; Mitchell, ES; Woods, NF; Anderson, D; Brown, DE; Sievert, LL; Brunner, EJ; Kuh, D; Hardy, R; Hayashi, K; Lee, JS; Mizunuma, H; Giles, GG; Bruinsma, F; Tillin, T; Simonsen, MK; Adami, H-O; Weiderpass, E; Canonico, M; Ancelin, M-L; Demakakos, P; Mishra, GD
2021-01International feasibility study for the Women's Wellness with Type 2 Diabetes Programme (WWDP): An eHealth enabled 12-week intervention programme for midlife women with type 2 diabetes.Anderson, D; Sturt, J; McDonald, N; White, C; Porter-Steele, J; Rogers, R; Temple, A; Seib, C; McGuire, A; Tjondronegoro, D; Walker, R; Sapkota, D
2021-02Women's Wellness with Type 2 Diabetes Program (WWDP): Qualitative findings from the UK and Australian feasibility study.Anderson, D; Sturt, J; McDonald, N; Sapkota, D; Porter-Steele, J; Rogers, R; Temple, A; Seib, C; McGuire, A; Tjondronegoro, D; Walker, R; Al-Khudairy, L; White, C
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