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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-22Preventing female genital mutilation in high income countries: A systematic review of the evidenceNjue, C; Karumbi, J; Esho, T; Varol, N; Dawson, A
2016-10-28Obstetric outcomes for women with female genital mutilation at an Australian hospital, 2006-2012: A descriptive studyVarol, N; Dawson, A; Turkmani, S; Hall, JJ; Nanayakkara, S; Jenkins, G; Homer, CSE; McGeechan, K
2015-10-01A systematic review of doctors' experiences and needs to support the care of women with female genital mutilationDawson, A; Homer, CSE; Turkmani, S; Black, K; Varol, N
2017-05-18Evidence-based policy responses to strengthen health, community and legislative systems that care for women in Australia with female genital mutilation / cuttingVarol, N; Hall, JJ; Black, K; Turkmani, S; Dawson, A
2007-05-01Female genital mutilation: Origin, beliefs, prevalence and implications for health care workers caring for immigrant women in AustraliaOgunsliji, OO; Wilkes, L; Jackson, D
2015-01-01Evidence to inform education, training and supportive work environments for midwives involved in the care of women with female genital mutilation: A review of global experienceDawson, A; Turkmani, S; Fray, S; Nanayakkara, S; Varol, N; Homer, C
2015-10-08The role of men in abandonment of female genital mutilation: A systematic reviewVarol, N; Turkmani, S; Black, K; Hall, J; Dawson, A
2020-02-01Addressing female genital mutilation in the Asia Pacific: the neglected sustainable development targetDawson, A; Rashid, A; Shuib, R; Wickramage, K; Budiharsana, M; Hidayana, IM; Marranci, G
2019-09-01Female Genital Mutilation in Rural Regions of Iraqi Kurdistan: A Cross-Sectional StudyAbdulah, DM; Sedo, BA; Dawson, A
2019-03-01Maternity care experiences and health needs of migrant women from female genital mutilation–practicing countries in high-income contexts: A systematic review and meta-synthesisTurkmani, S; Homer, CSE; Dawson, A
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