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2019-12[Potential Benchmarks for Successful Interdisciplinary Collaboration Projects in Germany: A Systematic Review].Weißenborn M; Schulz M; Kraft M; Haefeli WE; Seidling HM
2019-03Acceptance of a medication refill reminder service in German community pharmacy practice.Breiholz S; -Mammen NG; Krueger K; Schaefer M; Schulz M
2019-04-01The experience of vasa praevia for Australian midwives: A qualitative studyJavid, N; Hyett, JA; Homer, CSE
2019-07-01Digital literacy linked to engagement and psychological benefits among breast cancer survivors in Internet-based peer support groupsLepore, SJ; Rincon, MA; Buzaglo, JS; Golant, M; Lieberman, MA; Bauerle Bass, S; Chambers, S
2019-07-01Asking young Aboriginal people who use illicit drugs about their healthcare preferences using audio-computer-assisted self-interviewingDowsett, M; Islam, MM; Ganora, C; Day, C; Lee, KSK; Dawson, A; Joseph, T; White, A; Freeburn, B; Conigrave, KM
2020-01'We don't see because we don't ask': Qualitative exploration of service users' and health professionals' views regarding a psychosocial intervention targeting pregnant women experiencing domestic and family violence.Sapkota D; Baird K; Saito A; Rijal P; Pokharel R; Anderson D
2020-02-05An assessment of Ebola-related stigma and its association with informal healthcare utilisation among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone: a cross-sectional study.James PB; Wardle J; Steel A; Adams J
2020-06Accuracy of the PHQ-2 Alone and in Combination With the PHQ-9 for Screening to Detect Major Depression: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Levis B; Sun Y; He C; Wu Y; Krishnan A; Bhandari PM; Neupane D; Imran M; Brehaut E; Negeri Z; Fischer FH; Benedetti A; Thombs BD; Depression Screening Data (DEPRESSD) PHQ Collaboration; Che L; Levis A; Riehm K; Saadat N; Azar M; Rice D; Boruff J; Kloda L; Cuijpers P; Gilbody S; Ioannidis J; McMillan D; Patten S; Shrier I; Ziegelstein R; Moore A; Akena D; Amtmann D; Arroll B; Ayalon L; Baradaran H; Beraldi A; Bernstein C; Bhana A; Bombardier C; Buji RI; Butterworth P; Carter G; Chagas M; Chan J; Chan LF; Chibanda D; Cholera R; Clover K; Conway A; Conwell Y; Daray F; de Man-van Ginkel J; Delgadillo J; Diez-Quevedo C; Fann J; Field S; Fisher J; Fung D; Garman E; Gelaye B; Gholizadeh L; Gibson L; Goodyear-Smith F; Green E; Greeno C; Hall B; Hampel P; Hantsoo L; Haroz E; Harter M; Hegerl U; Hides L; Hobfoll S; Honikman S; Hudson M; Hyphantis T; Inagaki M; Ismail K; Jeon HJ; Jetté N; Khamseh M; Kiely K; Kohler S; Kohrt B; Kwan Y; Lamers F; Asunción Lara M; Levin-Aspenson H; Lino V; Liu S-I; Lotrakul M; Loureiro S; Löwe B; Luitel N; Lund C; Marrie RA; Marsh L; Marx B; McGuire A; Mohd Sidik S; Munhoz T; Muramatsu K; Nakku J; Navarrete L; Osório F; Patel V; Pence B; Persoons P; Petersen I; Picardi A; Pugh S; Quinn T; Rancans E; Rathod S; Reuter K; Roch S; Rooney A; Rowe H; Santos I; Schram M; Shaaban J; Shinn E; Sidebottom A; Simning A; Spangenberg L; Stafford L; Sung S; Suzuki K; Swartz R; Tan PLL; Taylor-Rowan M; Tran T; Turner A; van der Feltz-Cornelis C; van Heyningen T; van Weert H; Wagner L; Li Wang J; White J; Winkley K; Wynter K; Yamada M; Zhi Zeng Q; Zhang Y
2020-01Are senior high school students in Ghana meeting WHO's recommended level of physical activity? Evidence from the 2012 Global School-based Student Health Survey Data.Seidu A-A; Ahinkorah BO; Agbaglo E; Darteh EKM; Ameyaw EK; Budu E; Iddrisu H
2018-07-01Heat stress incidence and matchplay characteristics in Women's Grand Slam TennisSmith, MT; Reid, M; Kovalchik, S; Wood, T; Duffield, R
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