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2020Predictors of duloxetine response in patients with neuropathic cancer pain: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial—JORTC-PAL08 (DIRECT) studyMatsuoka H; Iwase S; Miyaji T; Kawaguchi T; Ariyoshi K; Oyamada S; Satomi E; Ishiki H; Hasuo H; Sakuma H; Tokoro A; Matsuda Y; Tahara K; Otani H; Ohtake Y; Tsukuura H; Matsumoto Y; Hasegawa Y; Kataoka Y; Otsuka M; Sakai K; Nakura M; Morita T; Yamaguchi T; Koyama A
2020-05Poor Sleep Quality's Association With Soccer Injuries: Preliminary Data.Silva A; Narciso FV; Soalheiro I; Viegas F; Freitas LSN; Lima A; Leite BA; Aleixo HC; Duffield R; de Mello MT
2019-09-01‘Feelings, and feelings, and feelings. Let me try thinking instead’: Screening for distress and referral to psychosocial care for men with prostate cancerDunn, J; Chambers, SK
2020-01Seasonal changes in physical capacities of basketball players according to competitive levels and individual responses.Ferioli D; Bosio A; Zois J; La Torre A; Rampinini E
2020-01The features and burden of headaches within a chiropractic clinical population: A cross-sectional analysis.Moore C; Leaver A; Sibbritt D; Adams J
2020-08The Trach Trail: A Systems-Based Pathway to Improve Quality of Tracheostomy Care and Interdisciplinary Collaboration.Cherney RL; Pandian V; Ninan A; Eastman D; Barnes B; King E; Miller B; Judkins S; Smith AE; Smith NM; Hanley J; Creutz E; Carlson M; Schneider KJ; Shever LL; Casper KA; Davidson PM; Brenner MJ
2011-08-08Porn video shows, local brew, and transactional sex: HIV risk among youth in Kisumu, Kenya.Njue C; Voeten HACM; Remes P
2015-01Use of an Innovative Personality-Mindset Profiling Tool to Guide Culture-Change Strategies among Different Healthcare Worker Groups.Grayson ML; Macesic N; Huang GK; Bond K; Fletcher J; Gilbert GL; Gordon DL; Hellsten JF; Iredell J; Keighley C; Stuart RL; Xuereb CS; Cruickshank M
2020-07Pain assessment and interventions by nurses in the emergency department: A national survey.Varndell W; Fry M; Elliott D
2020-07Understanding the presence of mental fatigue in English academy soccer players.Thompson CJ; Noon M; Towlson C; Perry J; Coutts AJ; Harper LD; Skorski S; Smith MR; Barrett S; Meyer T
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