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1-Aug-2012Managing people with mental health presentations in emergency departments-A service exploration of the issues surrounding responsiveness from a mental health care consumer and carer perspectiveMorphet, J; Innes, K; Munro, I; O'Brien, A; Gaskin, CJ; Reed, F; Kudinoff, T
1-Mar-2016Transdisciplinary care in the emergency department: A qualitative analysisInnes, K; Crawford, K; Jones, T; Blight, R; Trenham, C; Williams, A; Griffiths, D; Morphet, J
2016Readmission rates and related factors in heart failure patients: A study in LebanonDeek, H; Skouri, H; Noureddine, S
Jan-2001Involving men in antenatal educationLee, J; Schmied, V
1-Dec-2012Blending critical realist and emancipatory practice development methodologies: making critical realism work in nursing researchParlour, R; McCormack, B
1-Mar-2012Using narrative inquiry with older people to inform practice and service developmentsHsu, MY; McCormack, B
1-Sep-2010Creating the conditions for growth: a collaborative practice development programme for clinical nurse leadersBoomer, CA; McCormack, B
Jan-2005Salivary cortisol measurements in sick infants: a feasible and objective measure of measuring stress?Harrison, D; Johnston, L; Spence, K; Gillies, D; Nagy, SA
Jan-2005A reliable pain assessment tool for clinical assessment in the neonatal intensive care unitSpence, K; Gillies, D; Harrison, D; Johnston, L; Nagy, SA
1-Nov-2010Sublingual nitroglycerin practices in patients with coronary artery disease in AustraliaGallagher, R; Belshaw, J; Kirkness, A; Roach, K; Sadler, L; Warrington, D
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